Query Parsers


Querqy is a framework for query preprocessing in Java-based search engines. It comes with a powerful, rule-based preprocessor named 'Common Rules Preprocessor', which provides query-time synonyms, query-dependent boosting and down-ranking, and query-dependent filters.

Query Redis

This extension is a ParserPlugin that provides a Solr query parser based on data stored in Redis. RedisQParserPlugin creates a connection with Redis and passes the connection object to RedisQParser responsible for fetching data and building a query.



A Solr analyzer collection of tokenizers and filters.

Response Writers


A plugin (to be more precise: set of plugins) for Solr allowing time-efficient export of Ids of all found documents (or any DocValues-enabled field values) in comma-separated format without sorting.

Solritas (Velocity) (Community Edition)

A plugin that uses Velocity templates to render responses. Historically used to power the sample /browse interface in Solr. Useful for custom templating of your responses.

Thymeleaf response writer

A Solr response writer to use the Thymeleaf templating engine for HTML templating.

Search Components

Offset Highlighter

Solr component that adds offsets to a highlighter formatter. Works well with the Payload Component

Payload Component

Solr component that surfaces payloads for matching terms. Works well with the Offset Highlighter Component

Request Sanitizer Component

Solr search component for avoiding insane request params such as too large rows or offset params

Document Transformers

ChildSubquery Document Transformer

A document transformer to retrieve children for matched Parent docs with support for searching on child docs


Data Import Handler (Community Edition)

Data Import Handler (DIH) provides a mechanism for importing content from a data store and indexing it. In addition to relational databases, DIH can index content from HTTP based data sources such as RSS and ATOM feeds, e-mail repositories, and structured XML where an XPath processor is used to generate fields.


Grep-like utility based on Lucene Monitor compiled with GraalVM native-image

Online Solr password encryption

A simple web page for creating an encrypted Solr password.


Implementation Saved Searches a la ElasticSearch Percolator


Dump Solr documents to JSON files; Read from JSON to Solr

Solr Forward Authentication Plugin

A simple forward authentication plugin for Solr. Forward authentication moves the authentication process out of Solr into a reverse proxy like Traefik or Nginx running in front of Solr.

Solr Gradle config uploader

A plugin for easily uploading and downloading solr configs via Gradle

Solr JSON import & export

Save your collection in json format and restore it where and when you need


Reindexes documents from a Solr query to a destination collection

Solr Utils

A set of utility classes building and testing Solr plugins


Export documents from a Solr index as JSON, fast and simply from the command line.


Yet Another Solr Admin - An alternative approach to managing your Solr cluster.

Attic (unmaintained)

Bmax Query Parser

A boosting dismax query parser for Apache Solr. The bmax query parser relies on field types and tokenizer chains to parse the user query, discover synonyms, boost and penalize terms at query time. Hence it is highly configurable. The lucene query composed is a boosted and reranked dismax query with a minimum must match of 100%.

Language Detection Component

Solr search component for language detection.

Mapping Update Processor

The MappingUpdateProcessor lets you map value of a field to some other value based on a dictionary

Query Segmenter

The QuerySegmenter core library is used to find typed segments within a user query. For example, for the query “Pizza New York”, the segment “New York” can be extracted as a segment of type “city”. The typed segments are matched against a dictionary, which is usually a text file.


SearchSchemer is a simple application which allows to convert index structure between the following search engines: Solr, ElasticSearch, SenseiDB

Solr AutoComplete

Solr SearchComponent for altering and re-executing queries that product poor results. It contains two components: Relaxer & DYM (aka Did You Mean ReSearcher). They can be used to improve user's search experience.

SolRDF: Apache Solr meets RDF

SolRDF (i.e. Solr + RDF) is a set of Solr extensions for managing (index and search) RDF data.

Solr Researcher

The AutoComplete (AC) enhances the search experience through suggest-as-you-type and auto-complete functionality built into the search form. As one starts to enter search terms, the module detects a pause in typing and offers a list of suggested searches. One can then easily pick one of the suggestions or continue refining the suggestions by typing in more of the query. For example, if you type "bass" AC might offer suggestions that include "bass fishing" or "bass guitar", and even "sea bass" (note how "bass" is not necessarily the first word)

SolrSwan: Proximity and Boolean Parser

SolrSwan is a query parser and highlighter for Solr that accepts proximity (SAME, WITH, ADJACENT, NEAR) and Boolean queries.

Lucene/Solr Synonym-Expanding EDisMax Parser

Solr query parser plugin that performs proper query-time synonym expansion.


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